"There is a tradition in folk music of heart-breakingly clear female voices, from June Carter Cash to Emmylou Harris to Australian folk songstresses the Waifs.
It’s to their credit then, that I can place the Fort Collins folk duo, Driftwood Fire, somewhere in that group of names without feeling dishonest. Lead singer Lynn Scharf and Charlotte Formichella, who handles harmonies and banjo, are very much worth your time."
-The Scene Magazine

"Driftwood Fire is one of the most promising new bands of the year....How to Untangle a Heartache, is a gorgeous album that carries a lifetime of experience."



Hi Folks,

Thanks for dropping by our website.

Some quick news, our music video, The Salty Sea,  was premiered at the Jim Henson Foundation Puppets on Film festival at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in NYC.  Thanks to cinematographer, Audrey Harrer and to our friends Margot Fitzsimmons and Spica Wobbe at Double Image Theatre Lab for collaborating with us on this project!  It was a total blast to be in NYC.  Check it out in the Videos page!

Last year our video for the, Appalachian Hills, won first place in the Tri-Media film festival!  You can check it out on our Videos page.  Many thanks to Steve Roberts and Crescent Sun Pictures for making this project possible!  Steve is an amazing and gifted person to work with on any film related project.

Thanks to Robert's Western World in Nashville for having us on their Americana Carnival live radio show and to WAMU in Washington, DC for inviting us to showcase at SXSW.  Playing our song The Salty Sea on the main stage at Merlefest after winning the Chris Austin Song Contest is forever and joyfully emblazoned in our memory.  Also a huge thank you to La Roche music festival in France for having us over to play their main stage.  We were mere mortals, among giants and it was a beautiful experience.

Lastly, and most importantly, thank you to everyone who supported Driftwood Fire by coming to shows, buying CDs, and telling friends.  We have had an amazing time as touring musicians.  We are officially retiring from touring to focus on new projects and adventures!

With great love and immense gratitude,
~ Lynn & Charlotte


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